Investment sectors

Pharmaceutical/ biotech, Medical technology, Healthcare services


C-Bridge Capital’s investors include a range of institutional investors and prominent family foundations across different geographies

Investment philosophy

C-Bridge Capital upholds the idea of rigorous and pragmatic investment focused on risk-mitigation and careful management from sourcing to exit. Our investment style is stable, prudent and efficient

Investment strategies

Focusing on businesses with high commercial value or potential with proven technologies and products

Assessing the development characteristics, potential market scale and commercial value of the sectors our target businesses operate in.

Analyzing in detail the technical capability and potential product value of our target businesses under expected future development trends

Assessing the team capability of target businesses and consideration of strategic synergies with other resources and portfolio companies under the C-Bridge platform

Leading team

Our investment team has both significant healthcare industry and investment experience. As well as seasoned investment professionals, the team also includes experts from pharmaceutical, hospital & clinical and medical investment segments who have extensive industry experience with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the healthcare sector.

Rigorous investment process

We conduct rigorous analysis and due diligence before investment decisions.

Comprehensive post-investment management

We are deeply involved in the management and operations of portfolio companies. Through utilizing our capital resources, government resources, technical expertise and market channels, we assist portfolio companies with the development of future strategic plans and financial risk control systems, recruitment of qualified teams, refinancing and actively assist with solving various issues for them.