Company profile

C-Bridge Capital is a healthcare-dedicated private equity firm. The team comprises of a group of talented professionals including seasoned investors, senior executives and professionals from the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals, as well as professional legal and financial support. The company helps portfolio companies expand with assistance for capital needs, as well as value added support with government and further resources so they can achieve/ extend commercialization and generate attractive returns to shareholders.

I-Bridge Capital operates within the C-Bridge platform and is a healthcare-dedicated fund, focused on incubation and early-stage investment opportunities. I-Bridge Capital is committed to becoming a cradle for the growth of industry-leading businesses by assisting invested businesses with early stage operations and team building, as well as helping them with strategy development and business expansion. The I-Bridge Capital team is comprised of professionals who previously worked at top investment institutions or well-known pharmaceutical companies. I-Bridge Capital focuses on incubating and building leaders in life sciences and health sectors, especially untapped medical segments with high potential and great demand, by developing leading business models and expertise during their early stages.

Our objectives

Deepen the understanding of healthcare industry and its segments as it evolves

Focus on investing in high quality projects with strong synergies and significant potential

Uphold established investment strategies and principles and adhere to a rigorous, efficient, low-risk investment process

Strengthen  management of projects from sourcing to exit