CBC Group’s unique and sector-dedicated investment
strategy targets lower risk platform companies with
clear ability to expand business lines

Royalty / Private Credit

R-Bridge Healthcare Fund operates within the CBC Group platform and is a healthcare private fund dedicated solely to providing alternative, non-dilutive financing to healthcare companies backed by royalties, revenue interest and other cash flows generated by the sale of healthcare products and services in Greater China, the first of its kind in the asset class and region. The Fund will provide additional sources of capital to healthcare companies operating in China to continue the extraordinary growth commercializing their products and services complimentary to traditional equity and debt financing.  As a first mover in this space in early 2020, CBC through R-Bridge Healthcare Fund will continue to build on its track record as a company builder and supporter of the growth of the healthcare industry in Greater China

Investment Scope


Therapeutic, medical device and healthcare service assets with future cash flows that can be forecasted and valued with a high degree of certainty


Greater China


Approved, revenue-generating and medically necessary products and services with high barriers to entry


Royalty acquisitions, structured transactions and hybrid financings

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